Volvo 745 Pickup + 4.8l V8 conversion


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Ordered a pair of Beige S2000 seats -


Test fitting one from the X in the wagon. Just have to make some simple rails as the Honda seat sits inboard of the stock mount points. I'll probably adapt the Volvo rails, as otherwise it's a touch on the low side




Had to spend about 3 hours redoing the front brakes on the C30 - one of the old CEIKA calipers was sticking - which manifests as a NASTY high speed drivetrain vibration (happened about 5 years ago, and after replacing motor mounts, etc., I found the pads were hanging in the front calipers). We were on our way into Saratoga NY for a hike, mineral bath & massage when it happened - at first I thought the AWD propshaft CV had gone - it was such a heavy vibration @ 60 +, vibration diminishing as speed was reduced. After driving on the local roads for the last 15min & having no symptoms, and none the following morning as we prepared to leave, I surmised it had to be the brakes since the vibration from a worn bearing/CV does not come & go. When I took the wheels off, there was no immediate evidence of a cocked pad, however the driver's side caliper was definitely not releasing properly - I could not turn the rotor by hand at all.

New brakes in place - checking new winter wheel clearance

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Going to cut the Honda rails & morph the seat frame with the Volvo setup. Will make my life much easier, this way I can set the seat height appropriately.


Honda rail centers in Volvo frame




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I know of a late model Volvo bertone languishing at a shop. I can inquire if you want.

In NJ? It would be interesting to know (and see pics) more - parts car, fixable, $$$, etc? At this point I don't need one personally as I have surpassed my (wife's) quota for vehicles (if I wish to continue to sleep indoors), however there are plenty of others whom may want it if the price is right, etc.


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Worked on the seats today -pouring rain & cold, so couldn't work outside

chopped off a section of the stock Volvo seat frame


cut the rails off the Honda seat frames


Volvo seat frame is approx 6 inches to base of cushion, so I'm shooting for similar height


checking alignment of Volvo/Honda sections - this way I retain the Volvo side-impact protection



tacked the two together to check fit in the car


fits OK, no binding or uneven seating



Couldn't have set the upper seat frame any lower on the Volvo base - the seat belt wouldn't clear the back adjuster (all the nasties will be thoroughly cleaned prior to final assembly, in case you were wondering at that 🤪 )


Seat pocket will fit to cover up the seat frame


Volvo frame has a double wall - so the inner skin will be welded also


Driver's seat has the manual height adjuster, will need some work to modify the operating lever, set it underneath



DS frame tacked & test fit



Pocket will cover base


I'll modify the Honda cover to fit the seat back adjuster

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Welded much of the drivers seat tub. Took some time to figure out how to get the height adjuster to fit


Once I get the inner skin welds done, I'll tidy up the adjuster




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Worked on modding the fuel feed to the rail for the +T. Instead of adding some random old Dodge FPR to the Regina rail, I'm using a FPR pod from a V70. Stock rail feed will go the inlet, quick connect is for the return, and the feed (I cut from another car, pressed onto the pod) goes to the stock rail inlet. FPR is an adjustable version sold for VW/Audi applications. I'll cap the FPR port in the rail.



After that, changed the frozen lower column ujoint


and the rusted out horns

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I've been inspired for having a brick again. Found this car that will come up on an auction in a couple of weeks. Looking brand new and has only 50000 km (31000 mi) on it. They expect to sell it for 70000 SEK (8000 USD).


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Bjorn Nilson

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looks clean in the pics - in the US, only the 760 came with the "larger" 15" wheels - that one has LH2.2, so I would assume 85-88 MY
Yes it is very clean. A 1988 with no scratches, dents or rust. -Looks brand new. Many years ago I had a 745 GL but this injected GLE is much better. I hope the price will be reasonable. If I buy it I will definitely change to "R" wheels but leave the rest as is.


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Yes it is very clean. A 1988 with no scratches, dents or rust. -Looks brand new. Many years ago I had a 745 GL but this injected GLE is much better. I hope the price will be reasonable. If I buy it I will definitely change to "R" wheels but leave the rest as is.

What do you mean by "R" wheels? Do you have a pic? In the US, there were "Rsport" accessories and wheels, however there was no R model during the 700/900 lifespan in the US market.


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I mean the graphite grey wheels from 850 T5R.

There's another wheel I like as well that was common during the 80's. I think it was on 240 Turbo. It looks almost like CD91 but bigger and wider.

The 240T wheel would be a direct fit, although they don't look the best on the 700 series. There is the 'updated' version of those used on the period -correct 740T, also 15". Or the later 16" "Hydra" swept spoke which is what I have

The "R" wheels (Pegasus, I think) are FWD offset, so probably need spacers to fit those. I do prefer RWD offset wheels that have a dish on 700 series, personally.