Wiring Upgrade


Daily Driver
I'm upgrading and separating out the heater & wiper to run off separate lines and fuzes just to reduce the voltage / amp. Across a already over worked circuit with a 8 amp fuze. Will give updates and try to post pictures
Please do... But if you haven't made provisions for the headlights...

... horns, CD player, and BWM... you ought to include them at the same time. You didn't mention the year car either.

Its a bunch of work, but not hard on the wallet, and well worth the time investment.

Ask for more details if needed.

I found that removing the headlight circuit from the equation (by way of my insertable headlight mod)
and beefing up the +feed line from the battery does wonders for the rest of the car. An 8Ga. wire
added to the brown wire (from the battery to the fuse box) gives the whole circuit much better current
handling capacity. The Headlight mod also works better (as a result) from the fuse box junction and
keeps everything together. I call it the Bob Brown Wire mod. Ha!

Don't forget to check your grounds, and replace that skankey 6Ga. ground wire from the battery
with a 4Ga. one. Cost ya 5 bucks. Money well spent.

As Tony said, ASK. We'll give you more info than you probably want, but you'll likely save some steps
in the process.