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Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by stingray250, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. stingray250

    stingray250 True Classic

  2. Tavalin

    Tavalin Michael Motorcycle

    Tampa, Florida
    I saw that and a 1975 Alfa GTV (Sprint Voleci) for bid at about $6500.
    Would love both but I don’t have a license so I have to wait for a good deal in the “no license required” section.
    I think for about $6500 would be a great deal for the Fiat but she would need some restoration.
  3. Chad C.

    Chad C. True Classic

    Eugene, Oregon
    At its current (as of this writing) bid of $7,700 I'd say its worth it because it'd be difficult to build it for that. I didn't see any write-up or details listed, and I'd have to know more before bidding.

    A '76 in the States would make it a 1.8 car, but anyone's guess what's there now. Looks good with its dual IDFs in place.

    That panel fit shown on the right rear is odd to me. How do you not see this problem as you're doing body & paint on the car? I'm sure there's an answer... It'd be a very fun event car but without the Abarth IRS set-up, diff, & 16v head, it'll always be more of a donkey than a thoroughbred. Wouldn't kick it outta bed though ; )

    Having driven both, I'd prefer an Alfa Sprint Veloce with some Autodelta styling bits to this any day.
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  4. Andy

    Andy True Classic

    Medford, Oregon
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  5. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    Weird that its now been sold by Copart....hmmmmmm
  6. Jefco

    Jefco Daily Driver

    Portland OR
    And on CL before that...
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  7. Fiataccompli

    Fiataccompli Chris Granju

    Knoxville, TN
    "worth it" is all relative. I would imagine that car would put a whole lot of smiles on my face. It looks like a what a "before" photo of my first 124 Coupe probably looked like (when I got it, imagine the 131, ridden hard & put up wet many times, left outside a while & having had it's hot bottom end of the engine replaced with a quick junkyard replacement out of quick necessity...but the tribute body work & go fast trappings all the same gig, even the seats). Even in the sad shape my 124 BC was in, it lent many smiles along with a lifelong love of the cars. I'm not offering to buy the 131, but unless all you care about is return on investment & fancy car show trophies or accolades from purists, it looks great to me.
  8. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Search BAT for "Fiat 131" and you will see it appeared twice on BAT, although one BAT entry is just pointing the reader to Ebay. There was also a real 131 rally linked on BAT in 2018, that one was listed at $174,000. Just a bit more than the tribute car. :)
  9. Chad C.

    Chad C. True Classic

    Eugene, Oregon
    This car is a great candidate for a 16v head conversion from a Lancia Delta/Thema. Of course that's a lot of work, but the Aussies do it... I think it'd make it a more fitting tribute to the Abarth car & can easily produce 200+hp with dual carbs & cams.
  10. alanikai

    alanikai Low Mileage

    East Bay SF, CA
    The auction ended and now says Lot Sold. Did anyone catch how much the winning bid was?

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