X1/9 on TV


True Classic
I am not a television person, meaning I watch very little TV (I did not even own one for many years). But once in awhile I'll watch an automotive related program; F1 or Rallycross race, a special event feature like coverage of Goodwood, perhaps a 'tech' show if I'm feeling really lazy. So the other day I caught a few minutes of something on the History Channel about the US automotive industry. Sort of a documentary of its history (really terrible program, could only stand a couple minutes of it). However on that program I happened to see a photo of John Delorean in his DMC office. And hanging on the wall behind him were some pictures...take a look at what one of those pictures is:


Hint, not the 914.
Yeah, I have seen that image a couple of times before. Two odd things about the image... One, he is so young in the photo, I am pretty sure it was taken when he was at GM. Second, they claim the Delorean was mid-engine and I am pretty sure it is rear, not mid.. If I remember correctly the image also appears briefly on "For The Love Of Cars" on episode 6... Actually a cool series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_Love_of_Cars
With all of that rear tire, and a heavy engine positioned behind the rear axles, it should make for some big wheelies. And with virtually no rear body over-hang, those wheelies would be very vertical.