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Yugo Headers

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by DTohill, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. DTohill

    DTohill 80 X1/9 Carb

    Just bought some headers of Ebay.. Has anyone ever used these? If so, How did you like them and what muffler did you use with it?

  2. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA

    I have a similar ANSA long 4-2-1 header on my 128 & like it. One recommendation would be to add/use an exhaust bracket from the underside of the transmission to the 2 side-by-side downpipes. This will help reduce the stress on the upper flange/pipes joint (caused by engine vibration, hard bumps, etc.) & deter any cracks at that particular joint.
  3. DTohill

    DTohill 80 X1/9 Carb

    Thanks for the tip.. I'll definitely do that!!
  4. Fiatpwr

    Fiatpwr True Classic

    Another tip....

    If you find a Yugo EFI car in a scrap yard, take the center exhaust donut hangers off the floor. The carbed car doesn't have these and they take allot of stress out of the system.

    I would like to find a pair of them for the 131.
  5. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    Hi Daniel,did the seller had more of this left?....if so can you send me a link or his user name on ebay?.....thanks
  6. DTohill

    DTohill 80 X1/9 Carb


    I got them off ebay.. Just do a search for Fiat 128 Headers. They should be the 1st one to come up...
  7. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    Had it on my Ebay "watch" list already.Going to keep looking for something more affordable for now.Thanks!!
  8. olerascal

    olerascal True Classic

    Damascus Oregon
    Deja Vu...

    Seller's name is Andy Smith.
    His company is Giant Killer Racing.
    He mentions long history of 128 racing in several venues.
    All that info coincides with a former Cosentino associate.
    I sent him invitation to join in on this forum.
  9. Karfrik

    Karfrik Albert

    FtWorth Texas USA
    Have read about him on Cosentino books before for sure.I asked him about what else he had for 128`s as he advertised himself as having lots of stuff and his answer was to just ask and then he'll tell what he had.....:eek:
  10. Ulix

    Ulix True Classic

    Stuttgart, Germany
    Oh yeah.

    I believe he still owes me a 40/80 camshaft from back in the day, ca. 1990.
    Ordered and paid for, then no more responses.
  11. DTohill

    DTohill 80 X1/9 Carb

    emailed him

    I saw emailing him about some hard to find parts he said he had.. My last email was sent last week sometime.. still Haven't heard back from him..
    Said he has some cam's and dual weber intakes. Maybe even a single DCNF intake..

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