FS 1600 Complete Motor w/Int/Exh and Engine Management

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by lookforjoe, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. lookforjoe

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    I know I'll never recover what I spent on the motor alone, nevermind all the other mods.

    I'm thinking around $2700 for everything: Motor (EU crank, BV head, MWB cam, racing valve springs, adjustable cam gear, Wiseco pistons, Scat rods, etc.,), Lightened flywheel & new clutch setup, Oil cooler setup, serpentine drive setup with (awesome) GM alternator, Fuel & Ignition systems complete with both ECU's & wiring for engine into car, with Allison header & exhaust (race cat, magnaflow, dual outlet) custom plenum, modified runners, custom inlet pipe, K&N Xtreme air filter, custom branch pipe, custom aluminum coolant expansion tank, rad hoses (all pretty new), etc.. (stuff listed here) basically everything to just bolt it in. Some wiring connections to the car harness will be of course be needed. Pretty sure I made wiring diagrams for everything. I would provide consultation on any install questions that could arise, of course.



    I will also provide the fuel line from the pump, new style filter (Volvo/Ford style quick release), line to the rail that includes newer FPR with return, as my setup eliminates the return over the front of the motor and the hard line down & along the frame.

    If I'm modifying the serpentine setup for no AC compressor, I would include my time spent to do that, but would ask you to cover additional parts that may be needed to make it work (idler and/or belt). That would need to happen after I pull the motor.


    The only thing I need to keep is the speed healer for my electronic speedo. The only caveat I am aware of is that idle control without a speed signal can need adjustment, but since I made a throttle body from a V70 work, the idle speed can be set manually (LH 2.4 doesn't give any idle adjustment from the factory).

    Waterbury has first refusal, as he contacted me first via PM.
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  2. Hey Husseun. Just wondering how you went with this sale? Certainly a great deal!

    I'm surprised that this thread didn't get more traffic, considering everything that went into this build.

  3. Waterbury

    Waterbury True Classic

    Sale has not been completed yet. Waiting for his k20 install! Old one comes out when the new one goes in!

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