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I read, in the right bottom corner box, there are 3668 members in this forum. I believe 95% are from North America. That would mean around 3500 members. Knowing many of them got more than 1 x19, that lead to a 4000 of x19 still alive in America. OK, I guess all members don't have x19, but many have 2 and more.

In the past, by extrapolation, I assume there were around half the production, or 70 000 x19 sold in America.

15-20 years ago, I would have say a 10% survival rate was the max. Now, a little less, like 5% to 7%. Guess what, it translates into between 3500 and 4900 units still licenced (or awaiting to come back). Understanding many people aren't computer friendly and a few Québec owners don't speak english, that leaves all other North American x19 owners are in the forum. That's good! So, why in the world do we have to heard so much about Dr Jeff!:cool:
Production numbers documents:
I suspect the actual number of cars is much higher, maybe not hugely. Many people just don‘t do forums or car clubs.

For example there are at least three Xs for sale in my region but none of the owners are members and haven’t even become member to put their cars up for sale. Then there are all the bona fide barn cars that are resurectable but haven’t yet seen the light of day. They will either be crushed or some of us will end up with a few more :)
Thanks Jim,

I have never seen that spread. Between 3500 and 4000 units in Canada. Less than I was thinking (my guess was 7000). And over 92 000 in USA. Over than what I expected.

The spread is probably not exact for each year. The number of cars produced over a year (from January to DecemberI guess) is probably not the same as the years in each country. In Canada (and probably in the US) a 1980 car is sold between September 1979 and August 1980. Hence the high number of 1980 cars in the Fiat listing and the low for 1981 which is probably not real if we had to look at the years of car licence. I don't know if I'm clear....