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  1. TomasL

    Statistics in Sweden

    There appears to be 349 registered X1/9 in Sweden as of today, However, how many that is actually drivable is for anyone to guess. 1980 was as far as I understand the first year it was sold in Sweden officially. These were registered as Fiat X1/9 Year of registration Number of Vehicles...
  2. bjwhite

    X1/9 Buyer's Guide

    This showed up today in my iPhone News feed.
  3. DanielForest

    Members in this forum

    Hi, I read, in the right bottom corner box, there are 3668 members in this forum. I believe 95% are from North America. That would mean around 3500 members. Knowing many of them got more than 1 x19, that lead to a 4000 of x19 still alive in America. OK, I guess all members don't have x19, but...
  4. WNC_Bertone

    New to the forum and new X1/9 owner

    Referred to you all as the go-to forum for all things X1/9. I was the high bidder on the white 87 Bertone on BAT. Hopefully I didn't buy a can of worms, but having owned a lot of British cars over the years, I know to have realistic expectations. The car has a claimed mileage of just over 30k...
  5. D

    Reminder: Valve Adjustment Shim Exchange

    Just a reminder that Alvon Elrod, longtime member and longtime FIAT enthusiast, is the current caretaker of what could be called the Mirafiori shim exchange. Here's how it works: 1. After you take measurements of your valve clearances and existing shims, you will know what you...
  6. Peter Cecil

    Tie-downs when trailering

    Greetings, I will soon be trailering my X. Any suggestions as to where would be the best place to use as attach points? I am considering the bumper shafts. Thanks.
  7. zonker

    Parts Weight Thread?

    What do you guys think about having a sticky thread dedicated to posting only parts weights? I think it might be helpful for those of us who want to "add lightness" to our street or track cars. I'll start with: Wheels: Rota Shakotans (15x6, 20mm offset): 13.7 lbs Autoricambi Libres...
  8. Ulix

    Hey Angelo: leightweight X

    Hi Angelo, I think Myron once wrote about your car, but I would like to know what you did to get your car to 1670 lbs with it still looking like an X. Would you care to tell us a little about your car and what you did to it? Thanks, Ulix