scorpion #1147 resurrection thread

well, I'm in discussion with my final decision on who's going to help me take this to the endzone. I'm not going to mention any names, but they're located near Las Vegas. Long time scorpion owners might know who I'm talking about.
E.T. magic touch?

ordered a rebuilt kit for the DATRA, floats too. my father is a weber guru and will rebuild it to include with the car. we're makin headway again!
Nice parents! I remember when you could buy Vitaloni mirrors at your local generic auto parts store for next to nothing. But that was a looooong time ago.
yep the reason I'm a car guy is because of my folks. my dad has had countless cars, one of the reasons I have this one is because he had a Dino in the 80s and that's how we met the person I got it from.
Glad the project is still alive, I hope you have a lot of patience. Every time I have talked to him about working on one of my cars, he tells me he 6 months to a few years out, and won’t give a time estimate or money.
Thankfully, I'm not in a huge hurry and my car needs zero cosmetics. Yes it was a long wait to get into his shop, but for me the geographic location and not having to pay to ship the car is a huge plus which is driving this decision. His labor rates are fair, but he only wrenches 3d of the week. I'm OK with that. All I care is it's done right so I can operate it over the road safely and drive it home up the coast.