X1/9s Next to Other Vehicles


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I bought the white X from Richard Ridge's son. It has those NACA ducts on the side which look cool but are not vented to anything. Allegedly had a 1600 motor but I could never verify it.

It was a 1600, yes. At least when it was built.


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Anybody seen a pic of an X and an Autozam AZ1 together?
Only 1 I've ever seen was at the Japanese event at the Larz Anderson museum last year. I had my 280z there & saw this. Definitely smaller but I'd love to see the comparison.


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Not exactly side-by-side, but it's a chance to post a pic of my friend George's gorgeous Lancia!


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A different take on the Fiat vs other vehicles size thing...

This is a set of bumpers for a 128sl coupe in the back seat of my F-350. Mind you, the bumper wraps around outside the body of the car. There's plenty room to spare when I close the door.