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Parts Catalogs

While you cannot purchase parts at most of the below links, it will show you the manufacturer part numbers and often some basic specifications for every part- making it easier for you to find high quality parts online. Many "rare" parts on our cars can be found in new condition, cheap, at a multitude of sources online, but using FIATs part numbering system leaves you at the mercy of every vendor to have included Fiat in their cross reference catalog. Thankfully the below manufacturers have done that for you- just be a little mindful when ordering parts as there could be errors lurking, given the age of our cars and the part numbering mayhem that is fiats catalog at times. Some catalogs are also very sensitive to your selected Country or region. In many cases, where the US site will not show availability or specifications, the German site will. Most of the links below are for the USA, but if you are coming up short, be sure to try out some of the other years, model entries, or regions.

Schaeffler Group is a large manufacturer consisting of the companies INA, Schaeffler, LuK, Continental (sort of), and FAG- each with their own area of expertise. They are even responsible for a majority of the design, and the entirety of manufacturing for the very intricate MultiAir unit found on newer Fiat engines.

Elring is a well regarded manufacturer of gaskets and seals, used by nearly all of the top brands: BMW, Fiat (we're a top brand, right!?), Audi, and so on. Here you will find cam and crank seals, valve stem seals, and a valve cover gasket.

I think ZF Group can go without any explanation. They are the Bosch of the Mechanical parts suppliers, and own TRW, Lemforder, Sachs, WABCO, and BOGE. Here you will find many parts: brake discs, pads, tie rod bellows, slave cylinders, release bearings, brake hoses, clutches, and a clutch master cylinder. Do be aware, this catalog is a bit finnicky and sometimes results do not show as they should, depending on the selected region or model.

Another great supplier. Here you can find rod bearings, fuel filters, and oil filters. Nothing special but another source regardless.

North America


Full-range suppliers. These are active (some more than other) vendors who carry a wide range of new, used, OEM, and aftermarket parts for the X1/9 (and often other Fiats as well). Some will also do mechanical work and/or restorations. Listed in alphabetical order:

E-bay stores:


No longer active with X1/9, but noteworthy for past accomplishments:




United Kingdom

Full-range suppliers:


  • CASCU Fibreglass panels and body kits




Asia Pacific