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I just had a look at mine. It is hard to get a good view of where everything goes, so take this with a grain of salt. The pivot bolts are special, shouldered bolts (link to Midwest-Bayless). Under the bolt head goes a belleville spring. The inner diameter of the belleville spring touches the bolt head, the outer diameter touches the hinge. Between the two hinge halves there should be two washers (or possibly a washer and a belleville spring). The smaller of the two faces the headlight, the larger faces away from the headlight.

I'll draw a sketch of this and post later today.
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Here is how the hinges go together.


The thin washer goes to the inside of the pod.


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THANK YOU! You solved my biggest problem. I was trying to get the Belleville washers (a new term for me) into place with the mounting brackets still on the car. Taking the brackets free from the body is what I couldn't perceive. Sometimes I worry about my intelligence.

The car I'm working on is mildly customized (No: bumpers, marker lights, badging, all gone with a smoothed body where they used to be, two nostrils with a center divider below the front prow, rust free). I'll get it as far as I can then trailer it to Midwest Bayless. Matt also mechanically refurbished a 1982 that I bought brand new and still is a daily driver. Have not spent much time on this forum but intend to become part of this community, really because of people like you and the shared knowledge. I want to add what I know. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live near Toledo OH and am fortunate to have Midwest Bayless in a day's drive. When I needed my 1982 worked on I posted (here?) and got replies from Guatemala, Australia, etc, telling me about Midwest Bayless. This was before the Bayless part. I am a lucky guy.


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Adding @Stuartc ‘s picture from his thread showing the fastener and the washers in question.


Removed my headlight buckets today and I was just wanting confirmation that there is supposed to be 3 shims/washers per shoulder bolt holding the bucket to the bracket?
Two of the shims are conical which I have reassembled with the concave surface facing inwards to the buckets brass bush and the larger washer/shim between each bracket and shim on the bucket, is this correct?
I’ve referred to the parts catalogs but it’s not really clear enough to make out.
Just wanted to confirm that this is the correct setup.