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  1. kmead

    Firewall Template

    X1/9 Firewall Insulation Template After quite a few back and forth photographs, sketches, printouts, markups and redo's, Bob Brown and I have created a set of properly scaled drawings of the firewall insulation. We used the now cleaned and completely stripped Mac X to create the template. The...
  2. Kevin Cozzo

    Windshield installation? who's done it

    so I have had a windscreen sitting here, and it's the last major thing to do. I bought the replacement rubber trim from Midwest, as I never really liked that chrome strip. I have watched about a million videos on people dropping one in. I know an independent glass guy, but meh, $150 right now...
  3. D

    Remote controlled trunk release (pneumatic)

    My X has pneumatic door lock actuators from a 1990 VW Passat controlled by a Black Widow. I like pneumatic actuators – they have gentle action and I understand how they work. I installed a separate vacuum pump and pneumatic actuator for the rear trunk latch, controlled by the Black Widow trunk...
  4. 79X19

    How to remove rear window chrome trim

    I searched high and low on XWEB for a good tutorial on the correct procedure of how to remove the rear chrome trim that outlines the rear window. As I am now getting my car ready for paint (it only took 4 years) I needed to get this trim off and do it without damaging the car or the trim in the...
  5. 7

    What color bumpers would look best?

    Though I've been reading this forum for years, this is the first time posting anything and I'm hoping you can help. After seeing the application here several years ago, I decided to go with modified 1968 Camaro bumpers. The modifications are fairly easy and I really like the clean look compared...
  6. Ed Lord

    Engine cover hinges

    I would like a pair of engine cover hinges for a 1500 lid. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Ed
  7. Bjorn Nilson

    Adjusting the door

    The door on the driver side on my 1984 X sits a little bit low at the rear end when in almost closed position. The slider lifts it up to latch it in correct position, but I must slam the door to close completely. There is no wear or play in the hinges, so this is a matter of adjustment. Are...
  8. Dr.Jeff

    Center tunnel / chassis reinforcements

    I recall some discussions about finding cracks in the center tunnel, around the area of the shift selector. Mine has a couple there also. A few people have made reinforcing plates, but I cannot find examples of them now. Anyone have anything to show, or info about this to share? Here is where...
  9. I

    Headlight pods

    Really need advice, help in re-mounting the headlight pods into the body. Please see my previous post.
  10. D

    Targa top latch spring and hook

    The spring on my targa top latch broke. I found the following items for the repair: Spring. The diameter of the wire is close to the original. The diameter of the spring is a bit bigger, but did not cause and problems: Rivet. M5 x 28mm Aluminum Flat Head...
  11. RyanG

    Trim removal help

    I want to clean up some paint on the rear of my car. And to make it nice I want to remove the chrome trim piece that goes over the rear buttress I’m pretty sure I just pull it off but it’s pretty snug and before I really get after it I wanted to make sure. And maybe someone has some advice on...
  12. johnph

    Pneumatic strut for engine cover?

    Has anyone successfully fitted a hatchback type strut for the engine cover? If so, what length strut is needed? Part number? The standard loop spring shown in the pics does not allow my cover to open wide enough.
  13. modville

    Door replacement hinge adjustment

    Replacing door from a 79 onto a 82. Is there a procedure for adjusting the hinges ..has a hard time closing, Any advice would be great
  14. Mike Schofield

    Early style Engine hood swap

    I thought I’d start this thread cause I had trouble finding any others. The plan? Swap an early style hood and louvres onto an 82. In my opinion, the look is much cleaner. I’m sure I’ll run into some snags but I think it’ll pay off. Pictures to follow...
  15. Cratecruncher

    Front Grille Tabs

    I really like most of the things Fiat and Bertone did regarding the X1/9. I even like the way they stuffed the master cylinders into the pedal box for a bigger trunk space. But those flimsy plastic tabs the front spoiler mounts to have got to be one of the silliest things on the car. When I...
  16. D

    Mini-Project: NutSert Installation For Rear Trunk Access Panel Fasteners

    On later model X1/9s, Bertone thoughtfully included a full-width access panel between the engine compartment and the rear trunk (aka "runk"). This is very handy for doing work on most of the engine ancillaries such as water pump, alternator, A/C compressor, intake and exhaust, etc. The...
  17. carl

    How to remove trim?

    How do you remove the stainless steel trim around the windshield without destroying it? Also, how do you remove the stainless steel trim on the edge of the rear sail panels and targa? I want to pull them off the Bertone as I need them for the flared X which is missing both.
  18. homegrown32

    Here is another k20 swap.

    Well I thought I might start posting up some pics and information on my K20 swap. K20a3 motor, K20a2 head, K20z1 cams.
  19. ryan

    narrow LED third (86+) brake light

    Didn't someone like Bob Brown find a nice retrofit LED third brake light for our cars? I'm upgrading my tail lights to LED and it would be nice to do the third brake light too. It would also be nice to have one that doesn't famously block rearward vision! I was searching around but couldn't...
  20. H

    Gas strut engine lid

    Ciao amici, NEW in our programme ! * gas strut engine lid * fits all X 1/9 1300 and 1500 * bolt on system without drilling as you can use existing fixation points/bolts * adapters/brackets in stainless steel * Euro 79 + postage Saluti, Henk Martens X 1/9 Parts Holland