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Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Eastep, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Eastep

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    Today I decided to tackle the patch panel in the spare wheel well. There were a few blow through spots, but nothing that the undercoat couldn't fix.

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    You may have said this already, but are you using a non-gas MIG (i.e. you have flux core wire)? If that's the case, and if your machine has the option to use gas shielding (some can be used both ways, others are only non-gas), then you will find a huge improvement by connecting a bottle of shielding gas - especially for thin stuff like these patch panels. The first time you get a full bottle of gas they charge you a small fee to "rent" the bottle. But there is never another such fee and the bottle can be kept for any length of time and refilled any time (they just exchange it for a full one). A medium size tank cost about $35-40 to fill and lasts a long time. But shop around, some places hike up prices. Definitely worth it for the difference it makes. Sorry if I just stated the obvious, it's only intended to assist you. ;)
  3. Eastep

    Eastep True Classic

    Thanks for the info. I'm using a flux core only welder, that a good friend has loaned me. Unfortunately I sold my "real" MIG welder, several years ago, as I just wasn't using it. Had a full bottle too.
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