box engine swap

  1. TonyK

    Bob Martin's Abarth Swap Delivery

    Pretty much the last video with Bob Martin at my house. The car has been completed and is currently back in Kentucky. The video was shot after Bob arrived in an ice storm. He was tired but wanted to see the status of the car. The car was delivered to me without the interior and the video...
  2. TonyK

    Bob Martin's Abarth Swap, Getting Close

    In between trying to keep my son's new house build progressing I have been working on Bob's car. Time is permitted when it is raining and my Son's site is just to wet and muddy to work at. The list is getting shorter, although I am waiting for a heater valve that Bob sourced in Kentucky and is...
  3. TonyK

    Bob Martin's Abarth Swap

    Well the time has come to put fuel in the tank and coolant in the engine and see if I can start the engine. As development goes I made some changes to Bob's car that I thought would be in the right direction. The module box in the rear of the car on my car is direct connected to the wiring...
  4. Michael Albers

    K20 Swap RBC manifold

    Has anyone used an RBC manifold on their Swap? I have been searching and found an old thread by Tim Hoover but it seemed to just trail off and it wasn't clear if it worked or not.
  5. TonyK

    Abarth X1/9 Oil Sender Adapter

    As I have stated the Fiat 500 Abarth engine installed into the Fiat X1/9 is really two entities. The issue that presents it's self is that the Abarth engine uses an ECU with 5 volt CAN signals and monitors the wiring of the engine and most of the car. The engine oil pressure switch falls into...
  6. TonyK

    Abarth Swap Intercoolers

    As discussed Bob Martin wanted to use the Fiat 500 Abarth air to air intercoolers. Due to the rear or mid engine layout they needed to be put in the back of the car and draw air from the side scoops. I mounted fans on each intercooler and started boxing in the area around them. There is...
  7. TonyK

    Abarth X1/9 intake

    Since Bob Martin wanted Air to Air intercoolers and the intercoolers are mounted in the engine bay area things are getting a bit tight. The intake air filter has to go into the spare tire area and will be ducted to grab air from the right side scoop of his Dallara replica. The details have...
  8. homegrown32

    Here is another k20 swap.

    Well I thought I might start posting up some pics and information on my K20 swap. K20a3 motor, K20a2 head, K20z1 cams.
  9. TonyK

    Abarth Swap making some parts.

    Working on these cars some times brings about an obsession in my way of thinking. Building an exhaust system from Stainless Steel in my mind is the only way to go, but the X has cramped quarters and needs tight bends so I wanted to try and make a stainless steel 2" fabrication donut. It was...
  10. lookforjoe

    Preparing For Honda K24a3/AST5 6spd Conversion

    EDIT (Aug 2019): K24 Install Thread Here Going to use this to keep (myself organized) track of the parts and process for this build. I will edit the list as I proceed. Plan is to do this next spring. So far, I have on order: 1) '05 Acura TSX JDM K24A3 (190bhp) / AST5 6spd (no LSD) with...
  11. K

    XXX1/9 Build (Update 6/17)

    *I will be updating this post with new pictures* New to the forums not new to X1/9's. I'm posting a build my father has been working on the past couple years. Him and his brother used to race them a while ago and we have always had some parts X1/9's in the backyard. A few years ago we took one...
  12. Hasbro

    DOHC 2.0 Conversion; What Do You Think?

    I'm in negotiations with a fellow member here to acquire a former track car. It's a wonderful opportunity and am really looking forward to turning it into a very light street/track days car. The X is dismantled a good bit and there are the necessary parts for a Beta twin cam conversion. I hadn't...
  13. fiatmonkey

    Latest Project (#2)

    I know some folks do and some do not belong to the FB SOXW Group. For those who don't bother, I wanted to share my latest 2nd project. Some months back I bought a members black 74 with the intention of a future K20 swap. However some things happened that led me to start the project sooner. The...
  14. TonyK

    Abarth X1/9 Engine Swap

    Modification to the Abarth engine to allow it to fit into the Fiat X1/9 engine bay. This includes Cat Mod and coolant return pipe customization. See this YouTube Video. TonyK Grimsby Ontario Canada.
  15. patrick garcia

    k20 swap

    Does anyone have any good pics of how much i need to cut out so i can shoehorn a k20 motor into my X? Thx Patrick
  16. TonyK

    Abarth X1/9 Engine mounts

    I have been working on this transplant for Bob Martin's Dallara X1/9. The project is farther along than this video, time is spent either working on the project or making up a video. This video will give some insight into what is required to install the engine into the X1/9 car body. The parts...
  17. TonyK

    Fiat 500 Abarth Engine Harvesting

    Some complain about working on the X1/9, it is too tight, can't get at anything. Take a few moments to look at the pictures and video here of the Fiat 500 Abarth Engine. There is a lot of hardware in the front of that car that is just as difficult if not worst to work on than an X1/9 engine...
  18. TonyK

    Fiat X1/9 Abarth Swap Drive Line

    Although the Fiat X1/9 is over 40 years old the drive line in the new Fiat 500 Abarth is similar. The rear bearings from the X are the same size as the new Abarth. The only difference is that the new Abarth uses tone rings on the bearing seals to provide the counts or pulses for the ABS...
  19. xone9

    Looking for more info on honda b16/18 swap.

    Hey everyone! As the title suggests I am looking for more info on honda b16/18 swap. I Recall Walter Biswanger's site being an in depth source. But the site doesnt seem to work for me: Is there any other full write up with pictures anywhere?
  20. TonyK

    Abarth X1/9 cable shifter

    A while ago Chris Obert emailed me and asked me if I had considered making a kit to do an Abarth Swap. I am not retired, so my time is limited. That being said I decided that I wanted to play a bit with a Abarth complete car then in the end turn it into a kit to do swap. In discussion with Bob...